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Dhruvi Acharya (born 1971, Mumbai) began painting her memories of a real and imagined homeland soon after reaching the USA in 1995. She received her Masters in Painting from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in 1998 and her MFA thesis show was also her first Gallery solo show. Dhruvi has been showing international Galleries and Museums since then.

Dhruvi was awarded the Aditya Birla KalaKiran Puraskar and nominated for the Joan Mitchell Foundation Award in 2006, and was featured on the cover of India Today in 2005. A mother of two boys, Dhruvi was married to filmmaker Manish Acharya (b1967 - 2010). After spending nine years in the USA, Dhruvi now lives and works in Mumbai, India.

artist’s statement

My paintings focus on the psychological and emotional aspects of an urban woman’s life in a world teeming with discord, violence and pollution. Just like me, my work is not overtly political, instead of anger or anguish, I tend to utilize subtle, dark and wry humour, to draw viewers into a world where thoughts are as visible as “reality”, and where the protagonists live and metamorphose by the logic of that world.

The paintings are based on my drawings, and my drawing books are like a daily journal, a chronicle of my memories, thoughts, observations, emotions and experiences. I am interested in creating paintings that have a smooth physical surface but are visually and psychologically layered. My desire to understand death, my deep concern for the environment, my love for Indian miniatures, comic books and contemporary street art all come together in my work.

When the works are viewed, I hope the specifics of the stories and the meaning of each image become unimportant, and all that is felt and remembered is the universality of the human experience.